Welcome to ‘Joy for the Burnout’, a place where I’ll be dumping every word that pops up in my mind.


Check out the recent dumps!!

  • Why pluck it too early ?
    In our daily life, we experience a rollercoaster of emotions from being happy to sad and angry to calm. These emotions are temporary yet we wish the happiest to last longer and the sadness to vanish in seconds. But, if everything in life happened as we desire…what is the […]
  • Ignorance of the Good
    We live in a busy world. People are always in a rush to achieve their dreams. And in that rush, we often forget to recognise and enjoy the little things that matter. In this race of being on top of others, people run with their eyes closed and ears […]
  • Caught up for Happiness
    Sometimes we don’t realise what we have been missing in life unless we get it. Life seems to be good. We follow a normal schedule of wake up, eat, work, sleep and repeat. With a few social interactions and some chat with friends on social media, we think our […]
  • The Bubble We Live In
    You know sometimes a person warns you about certain things in your surrounding. They are warning you because, they had experienced it and doesn’t want others to travel the same path as theirs. But you stay ignorant about these warnings because, as of now no such harm has been […]
  • The Toy Gun
    It’s the joy I saw in the eyes of a father, who saw happiness on his child’s face. It’s the smile I saw on the child’s face which grew larger and larger everytime he pulled the trigger and the gun made a sound. It’s the happiness I saw in […]


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